about us

KAGUM Hotels is a Company That Provides Professional Hotel Management Service Inspired by Warm Indonesian Hospitality.

Beginning from a humble start of just one 3 stars Hotel in just one city, KAGUM Hotels has evolved, transformed, and enjoyed rapid growth with numerous star-rated Hotels and establishments in various major cities across Indonesia operating under our name. Focusing in providing Hotel management services that expertly combine insightful understanding of Indonesia's rich heritage of culture and style with professional standards that adhere to exceptional standards, KAGUM Hotels continuously strive in making positive strides towards our effort in becoming one of the brightest stars in the world of hospitality industry in Indonesia and beyond.

Our Mission

To become one of the stars that can make us proud
for being a part of Indonesia Hospitality

Our Vission

Developing a positive working environment for our Employees where they can thrive and develop in the best way possible.

Developing a hospitality experience for our Guests where they are positioned not just as customers but friends.

Developing a beneficial cooperation with our shareholder and ensuring their trust in us are always well-placed.

Our Core Values


We believe that world continues to grow and develop beyond boundaries: KAGUM Hotels is a company with a very strong focus in the effort to always learning while implementing the integration of Information Technology to all the aspects of our business strategies


We take responsibility for and committed in the financial success for our business partners and stakehol ders. Always ac countable to a code of ethics derived from each member of the staff.


We understand that we are a part of the community and thus we are committed to continually do the appropriate, responsible, and focused Social Responsibilities programs. We are striving to always give back to   those who give so much to us in return.


Our brands are the foundations of our ent ire company, and our services are engineered to com plement the existence of our brands. Combined together, they can give our guest the experience that is uniquely KAGUM Hotels.


We instrument our people with down-to-earth philosophy when answering the needs of our guests, and the focus of our strategy is people. Such philosophy and focus empower us to always meeting the requirements of our guests and exceeding their every expectation.

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