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Our Unique Collections feature Golden Flower Hotel bandung, Gino Feruci Braga Hotel Bandung, Gino Feruci Kebonjati Hotel Bandung, and Banana Inn Hotel Bandung, all 4 stars Hotels offering distinctive Hotel staying each that is united only in their high standards in always giving their guests the best possible staying experience in KAGUM Hotels. From single guests to families or groups, from leisure to business meetings or weddings, our Unique Collection is always ready to provide the answer for all your needs.

Serela Hotels

Serela Hotels brand is designed to represent Hotels that offer their guests a seamless balance of quality and affordability, where guests can enjoy a quality Hotel service with friendly prices for a great value experience. Such balance makes every Hotel under this brand the perfect fit for every type of guest and for every type of occasion.

Zodiak Hotels

The Zodiak Hotels brand is designed to represent the concept a budget and highly affordable Hotels with stylized designs and atmosphere, crafted to specifically suit the unique characteristics of each and every zodiac sign. This concept is conceived to provide guests with not only a pleasant place to stay, but also to provide them with a distinct Hotel experience they will not soon forget.


Warm greetings from KAGUM Hotels.

Thank you for having the interest of knowing more about KAGUM Hotels. KAGUM Hotels is a company of which I am proud to call myself to be a part of, and one that I hope can become one of the leading Hotel management company in Indonesia.

From humble beginnings on 2005 with just one Hotel called Serela Riau Hotel–a Hotel that I am pleased to say still standing and serving guests today–KAGUM Hotels has grown into a successful professional hotel management company with properties under various brands spread across major cities or locations across Indonesia, and we are still looking to develop even further. Such a story is impossible to achieve without great support from all our guests and clients, as well as the general public as a whole.

We have always and will continue to always appreciate such support; and as such this website is a part of our effort to give our guests and clients, you, an opportunity to enjoy more intimate knowledge about our company; our brands, our people, our activities, our philosophies, and more. As a very famous adage says, “You can only love what you know”, we hope that by learning more about our company, we can continue to count for you to support our journery forward.

Welcome to KAGUM Hotels, and please enjoy your stay. Best regards,


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