Events worth Remembering

No matter what kind of events you have in mind, our team of dedicated professionals will work hard to make them filled with moments worth remembering. Moreover, with Hotels and establishments spread across many major cities/locations in Indonesia, you can always depend on us in providing you with quality event services no matter where you go.


Dine that Enhance

Great food and beverages can elevate even ordinary events to something much more special, and our event services are always aiming to provide such excellence for your enjoyment. Customize, order, or arrange your own menu, and enjoy a plethora of dining options to enhance your events.

A Complementing Stay

Of course, guests of your events can also enjoy our very diverse selection of guest rooms to stay in, whether before or after the events. This is the perfect way to complement your events and to ensure your guests will me most comfortable at all times.

Options, Options, Options

We offer you a very wide selection of venues spread across all of our establishments in Indonesia, allowing you to freely select the place that you feel can best complement your events according to your own specific needs and requirements.